Seychelles Tours & Activities

Seychelles Tours & Activities
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Seychelles Tours & Activities

Le Vasseur Eco Resort Natural Assets:

• Excursions
• Canoeing
• Jogging/Walking
• Kayaks
• Giant Tortoise park
• Art Gallery

The Beaches

Are unmatched for variety and privacy. Beach of Anse Takamaka, Anse Badamier, kayak access to Anse La Farine , hike to Anse La Blague, offers excellent snorkeling, perhaps the best off Praslin coast.

 A bike trips to Cote D’or take 5 minutes to Anse Gouvernment and 10 minutes to Cote D’or center. Not too close and not too far: Just Right!

To Baie St. Anne, the bike trip is flat and 5-7 minutes.

The Forests and Trails

Immediately adjacent to the establishment are natural endemic tree forests unique to Seychelles. Bird spotting is easily done, common are Holland Pigeon, Bird of Paradise, Black Parrot and large Takamaka, Badamier, Teak hard wood trees and others provide a unique experience by ballads or hikes at your door step.

Giant Tortoise Park

The eco resort has a large Giant Aldabra Tortoise park with 15 mature tortoise aged between 40-60 years old. They are sexually active, primarily in the mornings and early evenings. To witness this, is an unforgettable memory for your Guests.

Football Pitch and Volley Ball Pitch

The eco resort is ideal for active families with a mini football pitch and volley ball sand court, badminton as well.

Area makes an ideal access for fly fishermen who do not want to break the bank on a trip.  We have developed a loyal fly fishermen following from South Africa in recent years.

Historical Assets

Le Vasseur Eco Resort. is renowned to be the place where “Le Vasseur La Buse” deposited a cache of treasure at Anse Badamier. Hence the new restaurant is named in honor of this great pirate who sailed the Indian Ocean, and rest along the shores of Praslin and provisioned. Evidence of his visit or pirate presence in the area has been found, and placed in the restaurant.

The property is a former great plantation of Praslin under Myse Harry Berlouis. Preserved have been the Calorifer and distillery named as National Heritage Sites in 2013.

Old Pirate Oven has been discovered, which predates the Harry Berlouis era. We are working in conjunction with the National Heritage Foundation to take steps to preserve this valuable historical asset, of which only three are known to exist in Seychelles. The Heritage Foundation believes these oven predate the slave period in Seychelles.

Paid Activities

Bicycles / Rent a Car

Glass Bottom Boat Excursions